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Mobile Games That Make Donating Fun : )


What We Do

  • Charitable giving is down. But mobile games are going through the roof.
  • So why not turn giving into a mobile game?
  • Introducing Big Heart Trivia™. We make mobile games for non-profits to help them fundraise. At no charge to the non-profit.
  • Fundraising is just more fun when you make a game out of it. :)
For Players

Play. Donate. Win $'s

  • Supporting your favorite non-profit is as easy as playing trivia.
  • It's free. And only takes about 5 minutes a day.
  • Each game is custom made for your individual skill level. So everyone has a chance to win.

For Non-Profits

Make Donating Fun

  • We make a fundraising trivia app just for you.
  • We do this at absolutely no charge to you.
  • It's your brand & game skin — it's your game after all.
  • Educate donors: You can even include your main messages as bonus trivia questions... because learning is more fun when it's a game.
  • Great for engaging inactive donors... and appealing to brand new donors, too.

Why Trivia?

  • Trivia is enormously popular. It's one of the largest games in the "casual" genre, and casual games are larger (71%) than action (53%) and even shooter (47%) games. (Source: CompareCamp 2020)
  • Our game has one of the largest trivia libraries on the planet — 250,000 questions in a dozen categories and over 600 subcategories.
  • Trivia's widespread popularity will appeal to existing and new donors.

AI Trivia — A Game Like No Other

  • Big Heart is the first trivia game designed for "normal people."

    Using AI, questions are custom made for a player's particular skill level — which means everyone has a bona fide opportunity to win.

    That makes it more fun for all. More fun equals more donations. : )

The Details

  • Like HQ Trivia, top scores win cash prizes… because donating is just more fun when you can win money.
  • We take care of all logistics (coding, maintenance, hosting, customer service, collection, etc.)… the only thing you have to do is inform your donors and gather players.
  • To help get the word out, we're pleased to introduce you to the Google AdGrant program, where if you quality, Google will give you - also at no charge - up to $10,000 per month in search ads shown on to help drive new donors to your new mobile game.

How It Works

Get an Invite Code from your favorite non-profit, download the game, create an account, and have fun!

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Download & Play for Free

Have Fun!

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What Players Say

"I love it, and I love the premise of splitting the jackpot with a good cause." - E.L.

"Great and a fun challenge!" - D.M.

"The trivia is all fun, especially the photo mode." - L.W.

"We are enjoying it. My wife has an account as well." - C.L.

"A FUN and EDUCATIONAL trivia game that also gives back to a charity!" - B.R.

"Truly enjoyable trivia game with a meaningful cause." - C.R.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Big Heart Trivia?

A game for those with a big heart!

Big Heart Trivia lets you win cash prizes while donating to your favorite non-profit.

We put the fun in fundraising.

How Does Big Heart Trivia Work?

We've created the first trivia game in the world where anyone has a chance to win.

Just earn points by playing short, daily trivia games - custom made for your particular skill level.

The players with the day's highest scores share the daily donation prize with the non-profit.

Want More Information?

Read our full FAQ here.


We hope to make a lasting difference in philanthropy

It's that simple.

We are a bunch of technology folks that think the best way to give back is to help modernize fundraising.

That means we will make you your own mobile trivia game… that will actually make fundraising fun for your donors.

And, of course, we're building the secure, enterprise-class, game platform that powers that.

All at absolutely no charge to you.

Because it's a new, mobile world. We hope you'll join us!

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